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Attachment pack for elastic bands

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What's in the pack :

This pack includes everything you need to practice with your elastic bands anywhere and with all possible comfort :

Why using strap and carabiner ?

Although elastic bands provide very high tension and excellent stretch resistance, they are generally made of 100% latex which makes them brittle to abrasion or cuts. Placed on a rough, sharp or rusty surface, an elastic band can be damaged irreversibly, especially when submited to strong tensions such as during fitness exercises.

To avoid this problem, we advise to use our very strong nylon strap that are 60 cm long and can be wrapped around metal bars, small trees, wooden poles, beams, etc. The strap is fixed in a loop, and a metal ring makes it possible to fix a carabiner to attach your elastic bands safely.

So you can train anywhere !

Be careful, the carabiner is not suitable for passing an elastic band XL or XXL, or for use with the Sprint bands.

Why using the handles ?

Depending on the resistances you use, the elastic bands can exert a strong tension on the hands. Also, it can be more comfortable to use handles. This comfort therefore allows a better muscular recruitment and a better production of force.

The handles are strong and resistant (ABS thermoplastic polymer) and covered with a compact foam for comfort.

Attention, the carabiner of the handles is not suitable to pass an elastic band XL or XXL.


Do not attach the elastic band directly to the nylon strap, resulting abrasion during training may cause the elastic band to break.

The strap, the handles and the carabiner are only intended for use with elastic bands.

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