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Resistance Band : XS

Length : ~ 1 m (41 inches)
Width : ~ 15 mm (1/2 inches)
Thickness : ~ 2,5 mm
Resistance : 3 - 9.5 kg (6 - 20 Lbs)
7.90 €

For what exercises or muscles groups ?

Due to its low resistance, this band is ideal for working smaller muscle groups such as the rotator cuff, for example. It will also be necessary for the work of the shoulders and arms with beginners persons. It can easily be hung on a door handle because of its very little tension.

For watching exercises videos with our resistance bands

For who ?

This is a perfect band for beginners as it offers very little resistance. It will suit women, the elderly, people undergoing rehabilitation and athletes of all levels to strengthen the rotator cuff.

What is the resistance of our Sci-Sport bands ?

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Regarding allergies: In the manufacturing process of our resistance bands, 99.998% of the soluble proteins (latex allergens) are eliminated.

The mini-band are not suitable for assisted pull-ups.

Please read the precautions of use of our rubber bands carefully.

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