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Pack 9B : S-M-L-XL-XXL

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What's in this pack :

This pack contains :

For what exercises or muscles groups ?

The six different resistances of this pack will allow you to perform a wide range of exercises for the upper and lower body. You can combine them to vary the resistance (see our table of combinations). These resistance bands can also be used to provide assistance to pull-ups.

The XL and XXL resistance bands are well adapted for the lower body work.

Choose your elastic band for assisted Pull-ups

How to place your elastic bands in bench press and squat

For watching exercises videos with our resistance bands

For who ?

This band will be suitable for beginner and advanced athletes for most exercises.

What is the resistance of our Sci-Sport bands ?

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Regarding allergies: In the manufacturing process of our resistance bands, 99.998% of the soluble proteins (latex allergens) are eliminated.

The mini-band are not suitable for assisted pull-ups.

Please read the precautions of use of our rubber bands carefully.

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