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Pair resistance mini-bands : L

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In this pack :

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For what exercises or muscles groups ?

The mini-bands are ideal for injury prevention, lower limb muscles warm-up and glutes muscular activation. They are also great for working the abductors and hip adductors.

In addition, our mini-bands are designed for adding an elastic resistance to deadlift exercise.

How to place mini-bands in deadlift

For watching exercises videos with our resistance bands

For who ?

This band will be suitable for athletes, it can be used for warm-up and injury prevention.

What is the resistance of our Sci-Sport bands ?

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Regarding allergies: In the manufacturing process of our resistance bands, 99.998% of the soluble proteins (latex allergens) are eliminated.

The mini-band are not suitable for assisted pull-ups.

Please read the precautions of use of our rubber bands carefully.

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