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Resistance Band : Sprint XL

Length : ~ 3 m (10 feet)
Width : ~ 46.81 mm (1 3/4 inches)
Thickness : ~ 5 mm
Resistance : 21 - 55 kg (46-120 Lbs)
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For who ?

This band is mainly for athletes weighing more than 60 kg for a specific work of skills or athletic performance (acceleration and speed over short distances) and / or  for fitness.

For what exercises or muscles groups ?

This band is designed for sprints, to work explosiveness, strength, speed and power. For using safely, we recommend that you do not stretch the resistance band Sprint M beyond 200%, a distance of 9m between the attachment spot and the end of the race.

For watching exercises videos with our Sprint bands

A study published in 2013 showed a gain in speed of movement among hockey players after several weeks of specific training with elastic resistance 3m.

See the study

What is the resistance of our Sci-Sport bands ?

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Regarding allergies: In the manufacturing process of our resistance bands, 99.998% of the soluble proteins (latex allergens) are eliminated.

The mini-band are not suitable for assisted pull-ups.

Please read the precautions of use of our rubber bands carefully.

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