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Caution using the elastic bands

CAUTION : We disclaim all liability for improper or even dangerous use of the elastic bands.

Lifetime of elastic bands

The elastic bands of are made from natural latex. Like any natural material, latex degrades over time. The elastic bands have a limited lifespan. The storage and use conditions will have a direct influence on the life of the bands. To better conserve them :

  • Inspect the elastic bands before use. Do not use damaged bands, they may break during your exercises.
  • Be sure to store your elastic bands in a dry place away from heat, cold and humidity.
  • When using them, please ensure that your bands do not enter in contact with rough surfaces or sharp edges.
  • Do not tie bands together.

Use of elastic bands

The elastic bands XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL sold on our site are only intended for fitness and resistance training. These bands are not intended for exercises such as assisted or resisted sprints. The Sprint 3m elastic band is designed for this type of exercise. Any use of elastic bands other than for fitness and resistance training is the sole responsibility of the user. To use your elastic bands in good conditions :

  • If one of the ends of the elastic band is attached, make sure that the attachment point is solid.
  • With the exception of XXS and XS bands, we do not recommend that you use the door handles as an attachment point for your bands. Indeed, the tensions exerted could cause damage to your furniture.

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